Haute Dog Haircuts provides an array of services, from baths to full haircuts.

Included with each bath or groom:
* nail trimming
* ear cleaning/plucking
* oatmeal shampoo
* drying coat
* brushing (short duration)

Additional services offered:
* hydrating conditioner
* toothbrushing
* low-shed treatment
* nail smooth-filing
* specialty shampoos

Styles available:
* breed specific trims
* shave downs
* scissor trims
* custom styles

Grooming options may vary depending on your pet's coat condition, stress level and temperament.
We do not offer hand stripping.
At this time we do not groom cats.

Finishing touches:
* Bows or bandanna and cologne are available upon request at no additional charge.
* Additional bows/bandannas are also available for purchase. Large quantities or specific colors may not be available the same day the service is performed unless ordered in advance.