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Brandee grew up on a farm right here in North Texas and loved animals from an early age. After earning a degree from the University of Texas and working behind a desk for a while, she realized that her dream job was to work with the pets who mean so much to her. She began as a dog trainer and then found her creative outlet in grooming.

Brandee has been grooming pets since 2004, and she has been a grooming academy instructor and managed several salons. She has been involved in pet foster and rescue work for years, and always shares her home with several pets. Brandee is currently owned by a Boxer, French Bulldog, and two cats. She brings experience, patience, and quality grooming as well as her deep love for pets to her clients.

Shannah Parker is a native of Dallas who has been an animal lover since early childhood. During her preteen and teen years, she had a snake, three cats, birds, lizards and more as well as her best friend, a golden retriever named Sam. At one time she even considered becoming a vet. At this time she and her husband are the proud parents to three cats.

Right out of high school, she found her true calling when she began grooming dogs. She's been one of the elite dog groomers in the Metroplex since 1997.

She is married to a fellow member of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming group. The members of the 501st not only wear movie authentic costumes, but also give their time as volunteers to raise money for and entertain children at local hospitals as well as other charity events.